Choosing the right lipstick shades for American African skin is tricky. Not all colors suit them and enhance their beauty. You can have variety of shades ranging from light to medium to dark. Use them according to occasion, outfit color scheme, tradition and current trend. Darker toned skin comes in various shades. Some have too dark, others fairly dark or lighter.

lipstick colors for american women

Lipstick Colors For African American Women 2014

Choose any of these shades in lipstick:
Light skin tone
If you have lighter tone in African American shade, apply any of these colors on your lips:
•    Peach
•    Red
•    Taupe
•    Deep pink
•    Pale pink
You can also choose varying shades of these colors.
Dark shade
For darker skin tone, try any of these shades:
•    Magenta
•    Chocolate brown
•    Bronze
•    Deep red
•    Fuchsia
•    Maroon
•    Copper
You can experiment different colors that look nice on your face. To test different colors, you can go to makeup store and try out different shades. Buy one that suits you best. Another way is to wear the shade similar to your outfit colors.
Medium skin tone
For medium skin tone, you can wear almost any lip color. Some of them are:
•    Red
•    Deep pink
•    Medium pink
•    Deep brown
•    Normal brown
•    Bronze
•    Magenta
•    Purple, violet
•    Copper
You can try out different tones of these colors to see which suits you the most.
Mixing more than one shades can also work for you. To make different appealing tones, you can mix up various shades consisting of 50 percent lighter tone and 50 percent darker one. Occasion is also important. In causal days, lither tones are good but in formal occasions or evening parties, you can go for rich colors. These give more dramatic and bold look. Mostly, women like wearing the same lip color as of their outfit. It looks fabulous and stunning.
Outline your lips before applying lipstick using lip brush. Make appropriate shape and follow natural lip line. Apply lip color and merge the outline well into that. You can also apply lip balm and chap stick before applying lipstick. It will hydrate your lips and also keep lip color intact for several hours. Top up your lipstick with glitter gel or transparent lip gloss for glamorous and glossy effect. Matte lips look sophisticated and decent. They go well in all occasions and suit all types of skin tones.